What Some People Have to Say About Larke's Work


"Wow, you have taken my rustic words and added grace and eloquence.  I feel so honoured and proud reading this.  Thank you so much for all of your hard work.  It shows in your writing.  Just amazing!"

-Brian Sherwin, End Ocean Pollution Project

"Larke Newell is one of the writers I have most enjoyed working with during my career as an editor. I've worked with Larke a multitude of times in the past three years and have always found her to be warm, accommodating, and eager to perfect her pieces. Larke has a strong appreciation of deadlines and an eye for local detail that adds great colour to any piece. If you need a piece written on Panama or on expat life, Larke is a great choice".

-Erica Mills, former managing editor of International Living Daily Postcards



"Hola Larke:
Excellent article, you described it exactly as it is.
Good job, hope you and your Husband are doing well."




"I commend Larke as a writer. She has written articles about people, places and things in Panama that have appeared on popular websites, newsletters, and print media.
She researches her subjects and writes accordingly.
She has documented our local charity, a business or two, and some high-profile folks in Chiriqui, Panama".

-Penelope Barrett



"Having worked with Larke, I've always found her to be a conscientious, enthusiastic, and obliging writer. She always does a thorough and professional job when writing articles for me."

-Naz Heazle (International Living)



"Your story is beautiful. I could feel the terror and the heartbreak in your description."

--Monica deRegt (Editor, Christian Courier)

"Your articles are both informative and inspirational."
-Dan Farrell